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At Belema sweet we bring this solution closer to major and marginal producers in a sustainable way reducing the risk of sabotage and theft during transportation in the Niger Delta at affordable prices.

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Belema sweet we have the capability to handle and dispose of produced water responsibly transferring the risk and challenges from the producing companies while ensuring compliance with minimal cost.

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High Standard Labors

Belema sweet also has a strong capability to assist in establishing the quantity and quality of crude oil being received and transferred.

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Belema Sweet Export Terminal, Kula is the first hybrid Crudeoil export terminal in Africa which the capacity to storage 8 million barrels of crudeoil with 3 loading bays and total offloading capacity of 3 million barrels within 12 hours at the Belema Loading Jetty. The loading jetty is a world class jetty with four (4) nos of breasting dolphins and six (6) nos of mooring dolphins. At the first phase, the floating storage and offloading (FSO) vessel is a suezmax of 1.1 million barrels of storage capacity and offtake will be done through ship to ship transfer.

Engr. Dickson Ngowari Dick
Managing Director


Perfect Solutions For Any Export terminals

Crude oil Storage & Offloading

Crude oil storage and offloading is a key activity in the oil and gas Industry. The result of all the hubbub of exploration, drilling, production, and transportation activities culminates in crude oil storage and offloading for export or further processing.

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Produced Water Management

In oil and gas production, bulk fluid comprising of oil, gas, and water flow from the reservoir to the production platforms and subsequently separated. This water is referred to as Produced Water and must be treated and disposed properly in line with EGASPIN, NUPRC and NMDPRA regulations to ensure protection of our environment.

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Crudeoil Metering & Transportation

Belema sweet also has a strong capability to assist in establishing the quantity and quality of crude oil being received and transferred. Ranging from availability of LACT meters, tank calibration experts and 1st hand knowledge of the regulatory procedures and guidelines, Belema sweet offers relaxation and integrity,when it comes to hydrocarbon accounting.

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Crudeoil Marketing

As a global commodity crude oil trades around the world via spot oil and derivatives contracts. With our vast experience and resources available, Belema Sweet is at the corridor of major global marketers and can aid clients understand the crude oil market and obtain the best rates available.

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Belema Sweet Export
Terminal, Kula

Terminal is designed to be monitored real-time with a 24/7 monitoring system consisting of high-range CCTV and fibre optics solutions.

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